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Our culture is reflected in the diversity of contributions that each employee makes based on their personality, profession, experience, age range, ethnicity and gender, and an important part of this philosophy is offering job opportunities in local communities

Inclusive practices


Since 2014, at GeoPark Chile we have implemented labor inclusion initiatives, in which 10 young people have already participated. We open spaces to young people from the region for them to work in the Company. Thus, during 2019, we placed six young people from the Magallanes region in the company. Furthermore, we offer job opportunities to young people with disabilities so they can develop their potential and enter the market. In 2019, we hired one person through this initiative. As a result of these policies, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in the Magallanes region awarded us the Inclusion Award 2019, reflecting our commitment to the community.


With the support of our technical team, in 2019 we participated in the RecruITBA Annual Fair organized by the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), one of the most prominent academic institutions in Argentina. During the event, we discussed with more than 250 final year students of all courses – mainly oriented to engineering – our value proposition, challenges and business model. These spaces help us to strengthen our corporate brand, enhance our reputation and strengthen our ties with the academic community.


Through our dedication to the importance of diversity, in 2019 we joined the first Women in Energy (WIN) event of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Patagonia, held in Neuquen. Under the slogan “Diversity: the art of thinking together independently,” the event brought together more than 100 hydrocarbons sector professionals and offered inspiring stories, presentations, technical talks, workshops and other activities. The objective of the WIN initiative is to promote gender diversity in the industry, retaining and involving women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Age range

Employees by age range (2019)Under 30 yrs30-50 yrsOver 50 yrsTotal 
Professionals and operators31 9416449243321950
Mid-seniority leaders and professionals2611434233413931
Managers and professionals with more than 15 years’ experience00501519266916

Gender equality initiatives

We are convinced that integrating and promoting diverse teams is the key to enhancing our growth and being a leading and unique company in Latin America. We therefore promote a variety of initiatives.

Women represent 


 of our management team.

CountryDirect employeesWomenPercentageMenPercentage
Colombia 2026532 % 137 68 % 
Argentina 131 44 34 % 87 66 % 
Chile 77 20 26 % 57 74 % 
Peru14 29 % 10 71 % 
Brazil13 46 % 54 % 
Ecuador 100 % 0 % 
Total439 141 32 % 298 68 % 

Female leadership workshops

Focused on the technical areas of our operation, these workshops seek to gather and share the experiences of our female professionals in order to jointly agree actions to increase and enhance their leadership. In 2019 we organized workshops in Argentina and Colombia, with participation of 33 technical women from across the region.

Colombia - Seal of Labor Equality

In Colombia we adhere to Equipares, a certification program for gender equality management systems. The Seal of Labor Equality is awarded by the Ministry of Labor, together with the Presidential Council for Equality for Women of Colombia, and has the technical support of the United Nations Development Program. In 2020, we will begin the diagnostic phase of the certification program.

Argentina and Peru – Gender equality tool kit

We launched the “Unlocking opportunities for women and business: A toolkit of actions and strategies for oil, gas and mining companies” publication, a kit developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank. The kit helps companies from the industry around the world identify areas for improvement and address challenges that limit greater inclusion and gender equity in the workforce, supply chains, and community relations. It is a valuable tool that provides concrete guidelines to implement in companies of all sizes.

Chile – Women and Mining Discussion Group

In Chile, we participated in the Women and Mining Discussion Group, an initiative of the National Service for Women and Gender Equality (SERNAMEG), in which different public and private sector players work for equality and collaborate to generate working conditions that protect the same rights for women as those for men. In 2019, the group promoted an initiative on gender stereotypes, and within that framework we carried out an activity in the Los Pioneros kindergarten using a didactic video about hydrocarbons to teach children to appreciate that women and men have the same abilities to perform work in the field.

Peru – Mentoring Program

In association with Women in Energy (WIN), an organization attached to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) that brings together women linked to the energy sector, we sponsored and participated in the 2019 Mentoring Program in Peru, in which renowned industry professionals offered valuable mentoring to nearly 30 young professionals.

Timothy O’Shaughnessy University Scholarship Program for Women in Science and Engineering

This program seeks to provide opportunities for access to university education in science and engineering courses to young women in the regions where we operate. (More information in the Community Development chapter).

Women’s empowerment programs at the community level

In the Community Development chapter, we document the initiatives promoted to strengthen the role of women and their empowerment in different roles.