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Since our creation in 2002 we have set the target of “Creating Value and Giving Back,” reflecting our conviction that the only way to grow is by making sure that environment around us grows with us. From this concept SPEED was born, our integrated value system whose pillars Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development have been the foundation on which we have built our Company and from which we keep learning every day how to be better.

Award for our ESG indicators (Environmental, Social and Governance)

(Environmental, Social and Governance)

In 2019, the US financial publication Institutional Investor awarded first place to our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) metrics in its Latin America Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals sector ranking.

FOR SAFETY: GeoPark is committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace. Simply speaking, everybody must return home every day safe and sound.

FOR PROSPERITY: GeoPark is committed to delivering significant bottom-line financial value to our shareholders. Only a financially healthy company can continue to grow, attract needed resources and create real long-term benefits.

FOR EMPLOYEES: GeoPark is committed to creating a motivating workplace for employees. With today’s shortage of capable energy professionals, the company which is able to attract, protect, retain and train the best team with the best attitude will always prevail.

FOR ENVIRONMENT: GeoPark is committed to minimizing the impact of our projects on the environment. As our footprint becomes cleaner and smaller, the more areas and opportunities will be opened up for us to work in. Our long-term well-being requires us to properly fit within our surroundings.

FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: GeoPark is committed to being the preferred neighbor and partner by creating a mutually beneficial exchange with the local communities where we work. Unlocking local knowledge creates and supports long-term sustainable value in our projects. If our efforts enhance local goals and customs, we will be invited to do more.