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The health of our employees is a fundamental pillar of our work. The prevention of occupational and common illnesses helps us to maintain a good working environment, reduce absenteeism and, more importantly, help us all get home healthy. Occupational health management complements employees’ daily routines through identification, prevention and care activities designed to improve their living conditions.

Occupational medical tests

We carry out medical tests on entrance and exit, to determine the health conditions necessary to improve the work environment and reduce exposure to risk. Periodic intra-occupational medical tests include preventive evaluations of non-work-related illnesses, which become diagnoses and treatments for both occupational and common illnesses.

Epidemiological surveillance programs – PVE

Continuous strategies that identify the risks associated with exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents, and implement prevention and monitoring measures.

Chile Colombia PeruTotal 
N° workers exposed to breathable hydrocarbons24 889 915 
N° workers exposed to UV rays34 1,82032 1,886
N° workers exposed to noise1,78432 1,818
N° workers exposed to psychosocial risk68 2,10532 2,205

Public health

The occupational health team constantly monitors exposure to risks from diseases associated with public health, including tropical diseases (dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, Zika and malaria, among others) and infectious diseases (AH1N1, influenza and hepatitis A and B, among others), generating prevention plans for the entire working population and our neighbors. The strict controls of the vaccination program keep all workers up to date with their required doses as a prerequisite for working in the field.

Hygiene and welfare

We develop activities aimed at keeping workplaces safe and healthy. We implement hygiene inspections that include areas where food is prepared and consumed, offices, accommodation and rest areas, as well as activities for preventing the consumption of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs and tobacco.