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At GeoPark, we believe that oil and gas can be produced in an environmentally responsible manner with proper care and management. We are committed to implementing the best environmental practices and fully complying with the legal framework of each of the countries where we operate. 

The commitment to our values, in addition to being reflected in concrete actions, is materialized in certifications that guarantee compliance with the best management standards and drive us to continuous improvement.

In Colombia, we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) that guides our performance on the subject and allows us to identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks. In 2017, we obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification, and in 2018 and 2019 we retained it in the verification cycle, which commits us to continue implementing awareness and training programs for our employees on the efficient use of natural resources and compliance with environmental regulations.

It also motivates us to join forces with our neighbors to work on protecting natural resources, explaining the importance and benefits of recycling, and teaching the proper use of water.

All our operations have the required environmental licenses, which constitute the framework on which we define our environmental management plans that establish the necessary interventions to guarantee optimal natural resource management. To track the requirements of our licenses, we implement environmental audit mechanisms contracted with third parties. In 2019 we did not receive any fines or penalties related to non-compliance of the licenses or environmental standards that regulate our operational activities. The figures reported in this chapter are on the environmental management indicators for 100% of the operated blocks in our operation.