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We have consolidated a network of institutional partners to enhance our work for sustainability in the territories where we operate. Some of the partners with whom we developed initiatives and programs for the benefit of our neighbors in 2019 were:

A sports and high-performance training project for 200 young people in Casanare, Colombia.

Medical-surgical brigades that have changed the lives of our neighbors in Casanare, Colombia.

Establishment of a network of hydrometeorological stations and the construction of a regional center for the reception of hydro climatological information in Colombia’s Orinoco basin.

Orinoquia Biodiversa Foundation (FOB)

Land conservation programs in Tauramena and wildlife crossings in our operations areas in Casanare, Colombia.

Partnership for Regional Development Planning in Tauramena and Villanueva municipalities, Colombia

Promotion of joint management opportunities for the benefit of the business community, in the province of Neuquen, Argentina.

With the Philharmonic Association of the Seven Lakes, the Sonidos de Huemul cultural scholarship program in Neuquen province, Argentina.

Support for the annual dinner for the promotion of dignified spaces for women and children who are victims of domestic violence in Argentina.

Seal of Labor Equality certification program, Equipares.

Implementación del Programa de “Comunidades Indígenas Saludables” en la región de Loreto, Perú.

Timothy O’Shaughnessy University Scholarship Program for Women in Science and Engineering in Argentina.